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Thursday, December 25, 2003

Hey ppl! It's Christmas day! I got so much stuff. I am so happy!! Go me!! Wait. I here the fudge a callin! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Hey, It's the oh so wounderful day after Christmas where everyone is taking back gifts that either didn't fit or they didn't like it or they already had it. Lucky for me, I don't need to take nething back. I LUV everything I got. I'd tell you everything I got, but I can't remember it all. I watched the 2nd season of Dawson's Creek (one of my gifts) on DVD for like 4 hours yesterday. I'm a huge Dawson's Creek fan, but One Tree Hill is a close second. Well, I g2g. Luv ya. Byes!

Hey. I finished watching my Dawson's Creek 2nd Season DVD's. It took me three days! But it is 4 DVD's. Neways, I went and saw Lord of the Rings the Return if he King last night. It was awsome! I just wish it wasn't the last movie. I luv Lord of the Rings. Not many people understand it, but once you get it, i's really good. Well, I gotta go. byes!

Hey people. It's the second week of Christmas break and I am SOO bored. I'm trying to make plans this weekend, but everyone is busy! Wah! Well, I g2g. byes

Hey. Today was the last day of exams. YAY!!! I'm here at Megan's house listening to Mary and Megan talk about stuff I don't even know about. ::sigh:: I'm gonna be walking home with Megan from now on. yay! fun! Today was the last day of PE too. YAY AGAIN!! A lot of good things are happening to me. YAY!
Well, I g2g. Luv ya! Bye!

Posted at 06:32 pm by blondebeauty14
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Shout outz

Jessie-U got a MOPED. that is so kool!
Megan-I havn't talked to you lately
JJ-Haven't talked to you lately either.
Christy-um, hi
Squirrel-There. I sent you a shout out. happy?
Emily-You rock at b-ball
Brooke-Remember when.......
Brittany-He asked you out. yay!
Ashley-Thanks for the radio
Kacy- Wussup?
Jessica B.-HEHA!
And if I left you out, lemme kno!

Posted at 06:26 pm by blondebeauty14
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